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I’ve been doing a lot “serious” running a blog recently that it’s beginning to get a little bit stuffy round right here!  It’s time for some instructor humor!

You know whenever you’re on a roll, checking issues off your instructor to-do listing like a boss, after which all of a sudden every part comes to a screeching halt as a result of you’ll be able to’t discover….the GOOD stapler!?!  There’s the opposite one, however you may have to bruise your hand to make it work and even then it spits out mangled staples 75% of the time.

#teacherproblems - the ever elusive "good" stapler


I’ve essentially the most bother with this throughout writing.  I’m roving the category, checking in with college students as I’m going.  Someone brings up their work to present me.  I end studying, lookup, and all of a sudden it’s like I’m Justin Bieber as a result of I’m utterly surrounded by a mob.  It’s funnier after they attempt to be well mannered with their mobbing by forming a line.  I’m coming round you guys, sheesh!

#teacherproblems - just like a herd of puppies


You know how you’ll be able to’t shave with the identical razor ceaselessly?  The blade will get boring.  Do whats within a pencil sharpener?….blades.  Yet for some motive faculties suppose these items are going to final ceaselessly. When yours breaks down you may have a selection: purchase a brand new one (and I’m speaking an honest $80+ model) or begin hating your life as a result of so many issues within the classroom hinge upon the supply of sharp pencils.  It’s kind of like if you happen to obtained employed to be a cashier at a retailer and in your first day they advised you that you’ve to convey your individual money register.  Rick is aware of how we really feel.

#teacherproblems - THE most basic supply, come on!

Stay sturdy, academics!


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Hannah Braun

Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun is a former instructor with eight years of expertise within the classroom and a grasp’s diploma in early childhood schooling. She designs participating, organized classroom resources for 1st-Third grade academics.