My Favorite Desk Arrangement and other Back to School Wisdom

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My Favorite Desk Arrangement and other Back to School Wisdom, Ideas for getting you school off on the right foot

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After eight years of instructing the one factor I want I’d have recognized from the start is that this:

Sometimes the thing your students need most right now, has nothing to do with what's on your lesson plan. #truth


I have a tendency to be so goal pushed.  “I stayed up late crafting this perfect lesson that matches the standards and covers content you will be tested on so we WILL get through it at all costs!”  Meanwhile, 10 kids really want a drink as a result of they only got here in from outdoors and it was sizzling, and 10 other kids are upset over recess drama that hasn’t been resolved.  In brief, I might teach this lesson completely however it will have little or no influence as a result of there are extra urgent points within the minds of my college students.

The tradition of requirements and testing that exists in schooling at the moment cracks the whip on academics.  But don’t let it rob you of your empathy, endurance, and sensitivity for the growing people in your classroom.  Sometimes role-playing about how to be a part of a bunch on the playground, addressing a concern, taking a break for motion, fixing an injustice, checking out a soccer discipline scuffle, or mourning the dying of a hamster is the MOST essential factor you are able to do for and along with your college students in that second, and that’s simply the best way it’s.



1.  Some type of curriculum map:

If this isn’t provided to you by your faculty, it’s value spending a while (and probably some cash) to discover one.  I spent WAY an excessive amount of time as a brand new trainer drowning within the requirements simply making an attempt to choose which I ought to teach for the following week.  I occur to have curriculum maps made for 2nd grade (click on the image to examine them out) and I do know other bloggers have put out not less than normal maps of the order wherein they teach issues.

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum Maps and Assessments ($)


2.  An honest pencil sharpener.

I by no means understood why a pencil sharpener, probably the most primary of provides, was not provided to me by my faculty, however there are plenty of faculty price range issues I’m certain I’ll by no means perceive.  Even although it appears fully ridiculous to spend $80 on electrical pencil sharpener, it’ll save your sanity and your time.




1.  Know how to leverage “free time”

There are two approaches to utilizing free time to your individual benefit.

*Before the lesson- If you’re utilizing new supplies (particularly math manipulatives) it’s a good suggestion to let college students attempt their very own concepts earlier than utilizing the manipulatives for studying.  Give them Three-5 minutes to construct a tower misplaced worth blocks, use their ruler as a helicopter on their pencil, or create the domino impact with counting tiles.  Then on the finish of that point you possibly can say, “all right, you’ve had a chance to try your own ideas, now we’re going to use these materials as learning tools.”

*After the work- Free time is usually a huge motivator for kids.  You can often get kids to keep on process and work arduous when you maintain out the free time carrot in entrance of them.  It doesn’t even have to be plenty of time.  Three-5 minutes of a fascinating exercise is normally sufficient.  For instance: inform college students they will draw an image on their mini whiteboard if the category can get by means of writing 5 extra contractions, or if college students end stamping their spelling phrases in a literacy center then they will use the stamps to make their very own design on the again of the paper.

Write Instructions on the Board

Verbal directions don’t all the time keep on with kids, particularly kids who don’t course of auditory info in a short time.  You will save your self and your college students plenty of frustration when you write easy directions on the board.  For second graders I would write one thing like this:

  1. Color
  2. Cut
  3. Glue
  4. Turn in on my desk
  5. Read

If your college students aren’t nice readers but, add easy photos.  Kids begin to develop some independence after they know they will examine the directions on the board if they will’t keep in mind what to do subsequent.  This frees you up to work with kids who need assistance, slightly than simply answering procedural questions over and over. (Click here for extra methods to assist spacey kids observe directions.)

Think About Your Desk Arrangement

Set up your desks so to simply get to any pupil.  If somebody is being disruptive throughout a lesson, you need to have the opportunity to simply take a few steps towards them and carry on instructing.  When college students are working independently you need to have the opportunity to shortly examine in with college students with out strolling by means of a maze.  After plenty of trial and error, I discovered that my favourite association was to have a row throughout the entrance with an aisle within the center (for college kids who wanted fewer distractions) and then desk teams radiating from the middle of the room.  As I used to be instructing, it was straightforward to examine in with or redirect anybody within the entrance rows and from the middle of the room it was only some steps to any pupil.  Also, no college students had their backs to the entrance of the room with this association. (See 10 extra desk preparations here.)

my favorite desk arrangement, no one's back is to the board, there are easy paths for movement, and kids who need reduced distractions can sit in the front

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Hannah Braun

Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun is a former trainer with eight years of expertise within the classroom and a grasp’s diploma in early childhood schooling. She designs participating, organized classroom resources for 1st-Third grade academics.

Author: Hannah Braun

Hannah Braun is a former trainer with eight years of expertise within the classroom and a grasp’s diploma in early childhood schooling. She designs participating, organized classroom resources for 1st-Third grade academics.