Smart Tips for Busy Parents to Help Teach Their Children to Read Fast At Home

 teachkidstoreadathomeChildren who have got the ability to read in their early age reap great rewards in their school life and almost throughout their academic life. Those who have been bestowed with the ability to read in early ages get many psychological, social and linguistic advantages this ability helps them attain the status of a successful or unsuccessful student in the later life.

It is a very sad fact to say that even 12th graders face difficulty in reading fluently. In a survey conducted in 2013 by the National Assessment of Education Progress ( NAEP) reading test showed that 65% of American 4th graders could not read fourth grade level curriculum or books they were given to read. The situation even worsened in the next survey which was conducted in 2015.

Many parents are worried about the current situation and are out seeking knowledge on how to teach a child to read. Any lower grade teacher knows how frequent parents ask questions like: How do I know my child is ready to start reading? What should I teach my child first? What are best books to use to teach a kid to read? These are the questions this article answers in an effort to address the issue of how to teach a child to read.

This state of affairs has made parents worries about their children and they are on the lookout for a few tips on how to teach a child to read fluently so that their kids may not lag behind in their class and they may also attain higher grades among their fellow students. Parents often ask what type of books are the best for their children to help them read fast and learn phonics quickly.

To begin with, how do you know that your child is ready to read?

There are four signs of a child’s readiness to read.

  • The Child must show some interest to reading.
  • Your Child must remember and retell simple stories.
  • Book & Print Awareness
  • Phonics Awareness

If the above four signs are available in your child, he is ready to learn reading and you can teach him to read with a little motivation and by identifying the topics of his interest.

The first thing you should teach your child is to learn phonics. If he is able to play with words and can easily utter words, he can learn to read quicker. If he is given a proper attention and he is taught with the help of interactive videos that will enhance his ability to grasp words faster and stronger.

Reading head start is top quality program that has been designed for parents who want to teach children read in preschool days. This program is a perfect fit for children from 2 years to 9 years and can quickly develop their ability to learn and read new words, utter their correct pronunciations and remember those words easily. The whole program is full of easy to digest video lessons, intriguing games and fun words that boost the kid’s learning and reading process.

This program has also been tailored for busy parents. There are so many fun exercises; the kid himself keeps glued to them. These exercises arouse his interest to explore more and learn more. This way, the parents quickly teach kids to read phonics at home and the kid gets ready to face the challenges of life in his school but on stronger footings.