5 Simple Ways to Help Kids With Dyslexia

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Strategies, interventions, and actions to enhance studying expertise in kids with dyslexia, for academics and parents. This put up comprises affiliate hyperlinks.

When Reading Skills Aren’t Clicking

Lauren* sorted playing cards with -at endings into one pile and -am endings into one other pile. Then she read the -at record:

“Bat, cat, sat, …happy?” guessed Lauren.

“Let’s use all the sounds,” I instructed. “H..a..t.”

“Oh, hat!” She received it.

We had gone by way of this very same observe train every day that week. The phrases that she missed have been totally different each time.

I used to be pissed off and I can solely guess that she was, too. Word household observe like this had different kids studying lengthy lists of phrases very quickly. But for some motive, it wasn’t clicking for Lauren.

Looking again, I think that Lauren had an unidentified language weak point. It might have been dyslexia or some form of language delay. She wanted a special model of instructing.

Since my time with Lauren, I’ve discovered lots by way of analysis and collaboration with specialists. There are easy interventions to attempt at college and at house that assist kids with dyslexia to construct studying expertise.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a studying incapacity brought on by a distinction in how the mind processes language. People with dyslexia might have issue with:

  • listening to the totally different sounds in phrases
  • memorizing letters and their sounds
  • spelling
  • studying fluently

Dyslexia is just not associated to intelligence. People with dyslexia will be very good. It’s not a curable situation however interventions can assist individuals with dyslexia enhance their studying expertise.

The following methods are primarily based on analysis about what’s most useful for individuals with dyslexia.

Sound Boxes for Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic consciousness refers to the flexibility to hear and manipulate particular person sounds (or phonemes) inside phrases.

Kids with dyslexia normally have weak phonemic consciousness and this impacts their capacity to read and spell phrases.

Sound bins are one method for enhancing phonemic consciousness. Here’s how to use them:


You can draw sound bins on a bit of paper. The sound field actions within the video come from the e book Learn to Read for Kids With Dyslexia.


Arm Tapping Technique

This technique is one other approach to construct up phonemic consciousness. It offers a visible, kinesthetic, and auditory illustration of sounds in a phrase.

Multi-Sensory Instruction

For kids with dyslexia, details about letters and sounds might not “stick” when taken in by way of solely one of many senses. Using multiple sense at a time helps kids to kind neurological pathways that join speech sounds with print. Building these pathways helps kids retain what they’ve discovered about studying.

Multi-sensory instruction for letters and sounds can appear like this:

This exercise comes from Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia


Activities for Manipulating Sounds

The capacity to manipulate sounds is the next stage phonemic consciousness idea. “The Name Game” track (Shirley, Shirley, bo birley, banana fana fo firley) is a traditional instance of sound manipulation. The first sound of the identify is modified to a number of different sounds. While this looks like a foolish track or sport, it entails figuring out and altering the primary sound of the identify. The capacity to manipulate sounds on this method entails language ability.

Here’s an instance of an train for manipulating the center sound in a phrase:

This exercise comes from Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia


Highlighting Phonics Patterns

Kids with dyslexia want to be explicitly informed the foundations of phonics. They aren’t possible to deduce or generalize these on their very own.

One approach to determine and memorize a phonics sample is to spotlight it in phrases.

For instance, within the image under, the child has coloured examples of the consonant-vowel-consonant-e (CVCe) sample in phrases. In phrases with the CVCe sample, the primary vowel normally makes its lengthy sound and the e is normally silent. Rules like these assist kids make sense of letters and sounds.


This exercise is from Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia

Another approach to do that exercise is to hint over the sample whereas making the related sound.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

All of the concepts above shall be only when practiced with many alternative sounds and phrases over time. Don’t count on a fast repair.

As you perform interventions for a child with dyslexia, present the next:

  • frequent overview
  • alternatives for over-learning (observe past mastery)
  • clear clarification of phonics guidelines
  • persistence
  • reward


*identify modified to shield privateness


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Hannah Braun

Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun is a former instructor with eight years of expertise within the classroom and a grasp’s diploma in early childhood training. She designs partaking, organized classroom resources for 1st-Third grade academics.